DETONATION IPA (6.5% abv, 80 IBU).  For the hopheads.  It will explode in your mouth with flavors going everywhere.  It has explosive hops, but together, will combine to bring a huge hop flavor.  Best paired with our Sausage Platter.

RAISINATION BLONDE ALE (6% abv, 10 IBU). A classic lambic with a great body and mouthfeel balanced with a funky delicious sour edge.  A perfect match with our Stinky Pizza.

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN DIPA (7.8% abv).  A malty beer radically hopped with an intense aroma and hop bitterness.  Best paired with our Sausage Platter.

BRAVEHEARTS IPA (8% abv, 100 IBU).  A tribute to our very own Gilas Pilipinas basketball team!  Best paired with our spicy Sausage Platter or Steak N' Frites.

BORN TO FLY IPA (6.2% abv). A bitter beer that strikes a better balance of smooth malt and bold hop flavor and aroma.  Floral citrus and light fruity notes meld with rich caramel to create an endearing flavor.  Best paired with The Perfect Pint Burger.

ATOMIC 29 IPA (7.5% abv, 54 IBU).  It has a clean, crisp malt character backed by tons of hops.  Best paired with our Spicy Chicken Wings.

WORKING MAN BLUES PALE ALE (5.2% abv, 59 IBU).  A pale ale with a rich malt flavor and a ton of hop character but without an overwhelming bitterness.  Excellent with our Burger Sliders.

SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS PALE ALE (6.8% abv, 46 IBU).  A great session pale ale with a hop bomb of floral aromas and subtle grapefruit flavors!  Best paired with Steak N' Frites.

FIELDS OF GOLD IPA (6.4% abv).  This white IPA melds old world tradition with the hoppy boldness of an American IPA.  Best paired with our Lengua with Crispy Garlic.




32ND STREET PALE ALE (5%abv, 14 IBU).  Light in body and color.  Strong in aroma and hop flavor. Definitely sessionable.  Best pairing is with Truffle Fries and Buffalo Wings!

CRYSTAL SKULL IMPERIAL STOUT (8% ABV, 80 IBU).  With a texture and color similar to black crude oil, this monstrous thick, chewy beer is great for sipping in a chilly night.  Best paired with our Two Way Oysters.

HOLY GRAIL DIPA (8% abv, 100 IBU).  An intense double IPA; high bitterness with a dry malt finish, an intense hop flavor and aroma.  Delicious with our Heap of Bacon, the hops boost the meaty umami and salt and then scour away any lingering fat.